Nottingham Forest Collection of Wood Traverse Rods
Available as a Double Traverse & Also available as Wood Pole

Unlike other wood rods, Reliable's Nottingham traverse & baton draw rods are made from an entire round pole.

Each rod is a single piece of wood. There are no joins. This means stains & finishes appear even over the entire length of the rod.

A quarter of the pole is routed out to accept the track. This gives the appearance of a complete wood pole and hides the track.

Side View of routed pole with track

  • We use a high quality KS track for installation in our Nottingham Forest rods.
  • The rod has a single channel track for smooth operation, even over long distances.

Tracks can be up to 20' (one-way) or 40' (2-way) with no joins.

The baton draw track uses ball bearing carriers that are only inch wide therefore, the stack-back is very small. A narrow 1" x 1" track profile with centered carriers allows the drapery to be installed with the track completely covered. Our own line of Nottingham Finials appears below. As you would except with our Nottingham Line all finials are 100% wood, so, as shown below they will beautifully take either paint or stain.

Viceroy Finial Duchess Finial Duke Finial
Acorn Finial Imperial Urn Finial
Acorn Finial Imperial Finial Urn Finial
PineCup Earl Oakleaf
Pinecup Finial Earl Finial Oakleaf Finial


Our Nottingham poles are also available with a double traverse Rod

Both the front and back traverse mechanisms are at the from the same height so it is easy to be sure both drapes are the proper matching length.

The projection of each rod can be independently adjusted, making sure you get just the right return for each traverse rod.

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